Applied Economic Analysis (AEA) is the journal of the Spanish Asociación Libre de Economía (ALdE). It was founded in 1993 as Revista de Economía Aplicada (REA) by a group of more than a hundred researchers from nearly forty universities. The journal joined the category of Economics of the Social Science Citation Index in the middle of the 2000's, and was assigned its first impact factor in 2008. First issue of AEA with Emerald Group will be published on September, 2019 (volume 27, issue 79).


AEA (formely REA) aims to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of research aimed at enhancing our understanding of the real world by applying the principles of economic analysis. The journal takes an integrative approach, while tackling a wide range of topics, all with the ultimate aim of providing the academic community with a series of scientific contributions that shed light on relevant economic issues. Quantitative studies grounded on mathematics and statistics methods helping to bring economic theory closer to the real world are particularly appreciated.


AEA (formely REA) operates a double blind peer review model. All articles undergo an initial assessment by the journal editor. If they are considered suitable for peer review, articles will then be reviewed by external reviewers to assess its suitability for publication. Final responsibility for editorial decisions rest with the journal editor.


AEA is published under a platinum OA arrangement, in that all charges for publishing an OA article in AEA are funded by the Asociación Libre de Economía. There is no charge to the author.